Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Reminder

The day sister met brother and said "Wow, Mommy.  I can't believe he was inside your belly."  Me neither, kiddo.

My memories are made up of big days like the day I met my husband and quieter moments like remembering the way the breeze feels on my face when I visit my favorite beach.  These moments large and small are inked like a tattoo on my heart and in the last few years I've been on a mission to record them with my camera with the feeling that I just want to hold on to them forever#Hoarder

Four months ago my family and I welcomed a new member into our tiny clan.  The months, weeks and days leading up to his arrival were very intense and sometimes stressful.  We've had so much happen both good and not great in the last year.  I really wanted to enjoy my pregnancy but mostly I found that the days seemed to go more and more quickly and while I desperately wanted to, I struggled to live in the moment.  I realized that I was missing those small things that I cherish that together make up the biggest experiences in life.  The brief hiatus that I had planned from writing and sharing on this space turned out to be a much-needed, long-term break to reconnect with myself, spend time with my growing family,  and to focus in on my goals for the new year.  Doesn't everyone need that once in a while?

The summer flew by and I was on fast forward to fall, my favorite season and the time when I find myself reflecting more than any other throughout the year.  When the warmth of summer ends, ushering in the cooler days and nights forecasting what is to come in winter, I always feel a rebirth.  For me, fall is so full of promise.  The trees explode in a technicolor show and with each leaf that slowly falls to the ground I'm reminded that time passes too quickly not to enjoy every moment. I think that's what has been happening to me.  Fall with all its promise turns to winter and the beginning of a new year with hope for a fresh start.  Some times you can be so busy and consumed with life that you get lost in it all and somehow forget to really live it.  I am thankful for so much this year but especially for that reminder.

Do you ever feel that you need a time out to reconnect?  I can't be the only one.

There is always time for cuddles in mom and dad's bed.  This is my second favorite photo of my kids together.  My first favorite is up top.

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