Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photorealistic Paintings by Nathan Walsh

American painter Nathan Walsh creates these amazing photorealistic paintings.  Each piece looks like an actual photograph that was captured by a camera and lens rather than meticulously and flawlessly executed with a paintbrush.  I am blown away by all the details.

The view they're watching.  These windows have now been blocked off because workers are currently building the subway hub and station that will be directly in front of and underneath the World Financial Center. 

Via Trendland.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Travel outside my door

When I'm feeling like I'm stuck in a bit of rut creatively I always go back to photos of past travels.  I love visiting new places and after photography, travel is one of my biggest passions and indulgences.  The feeling I get when I walk around a new city - that feeling of promise, adventure and embracing the unknown - is inspiring and exciting.  While I love living in New York I think that sometimes I take it for granted and forget that if ever I need to feel that rush of visiting a new place I just have to walk out the door and pick a random subway stop.  It's hard to look at your hometown with fresh eyes but studying the details of what's happening all around is something that you can do anywhere regardless of whether it's a familiar place or not.  There's always something happening in New York City and there's always a cool way of looking at it even if it seems like just another day.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Instagram Weekend

We're in a time of transition around here.  My baby girl is becoming a big girl and I'm finding that I want to spend every moment with her that I can instead of doing much else.  Since the days have been quite cold and gray we've been spending a lot of time indoors cuddling, playing with her dollhouse, playing dress up, reading books, and inventing games that are as much fun for me as they are for her.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living a second childhood and it's wonderful.  Still, going out and enjoying New York and that feeling that my girl is getting to know her city is one of my favorite ways to spend the weekend.  We went for a drive around town yesterday and even though she slept through most of it I loved the unusual quiet time in the car with my husband and the reminder that we're so lucky to be together and call this place home.

By the way, since I spend so much time on Instagram I thought it might be fun to feature a few of my favorite people that I follow here on the blog.  There is A LOT of inspiration to be found over there so stay tuned for that post later this week.  Happy Monday!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flora by Nick Knight

Celebrated fashion photographer Nick Knight boldly invents his own unique world with his latest work.  To create each piece in the portfolio, Flora, Knight shot photographs and exposed the prints to heat and water during the printing process. 

The results are still life images that appear to be melting and evolving.  I love the richness of the color and the nuance of each piece.  No flower is alike and it seems that Knight has meticulously and patiently studied each flower to show its individuality and beauty.  "Initiated in 1993 for his installation of ‘Plant Power’ Flora, Knight chose a final 46 specimens (from over 6 million species!!) to photograph.  “Some were like feathers of neon, breathtakingly delicate, others were like urban plans, architecturally precise… many were joyful splashes of color like children’s paintings, carefree, happy nonsense.” Never able to put the project to bed almost 15 years later we now get his first limited edition portfolio where Knight has chosen to release 15 images from this acclaimed publication." (see Trendland)  

Via Honestly WTF and Trendland.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Continuing with the fundamentals of photography today we're going to talk about Composition.

Composition can really make or break a photograph and I tend to keep these general "rules" and ideas in the back of my mind whenever I'm setting up a shot. 

1.  The "rule of thirds"

Imagine there is a grid that splits the image into thirds both horizontally and vertically and place your subject on either the lines themselves or the point where they intersect.

The theory behind the rule of thirds is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines your photo becomes more balanced and helps a viewer of the image interact with it more naturally.  Apparently "studies have shown that when viewing images that people’s eyes usually go to one of the intersection points most naturally rather than the center of the shot." (see DPS)

If you need some extra help composing your shot, most DSLRs have the option to place a grid over your LCD screen as well as when you look through your viewfinder.  

2.  Follow the lines

Your eyes will naturally follow lines created in any scene.  By thinking about where your eye is drawn and capturing those lines, whether they are set up vertically, horizontally or otherwise, you can help draw attention and pull the viewer into your photo.

3.  Find a fresh perspective

Before taking a picture take the time to think about where you will shoot it from. Your viewpoint has a huge impact on the composition of your photo, and it can greatly affect the message that the shot conveys.  Shoot from above, shoot from down low.  The important thing is to try different set ups to help your photos look and feel fresh.

4.  Fill the frame

I love to fill the entire frame of a photograph.  By removing a traditional background you can create really great depth in your image and make your subject really stand out.

 Do you have any helpful tips?  I'd love to hear.  And please share links to your photos too!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instagram Weekend

After enduring several gray days over the last few weeks I was so happy to welcome back the sun.  Of course it is bitterly cold outside lately but somehow the bite of the air is less offensive when the sky is (deceptively) blue and the sun is beaming.  We went out to the country this weekend and I chased the light as much as I could.  A long, quiet weekend with my little family is just what I needed after a busy week.  Here is a view via Instagram.

 My iPhone camera is not my first choice for shooting portraits (obviously) but sometimes it surprises me.  The light was streaming in and my girl was on my lap so the lens I had on my dslr, even though it was right next to me, wasn't going to work.  This was a moment that needed to be captured instantly even if the camera wasn't as ideal for measuring the light and this is one of the reasons why I love mobile photography so much.  When I'm older and my daughter is a woman this is the look that I will most remember from her sweet toddler years, and I can hear her punctuate whatever sentence she's saying with her signature "right, mommy?"  

Early morning light in the front yard.

Creating a masterpiece at the Children's Museum,
For the first time ever our beach-loving baby said she wanted to leave.  Of course we were very bundled up and it was quite cold but I think it had more to do with the fact that there was a cupcake waiting for her back in the car.

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Friday, January 18, 2013


We're heading out to the beach this weekend for a long weekend.  We haven't been there in weeks so I'm really looking forward to the fresh country air, a visit to the beach (even though it is going to be freezing), cozying up to a warm fire and having some down time with my family.  It seems like there is less and less time to dedicate to doing nothing in particular so since there are no plans on the horizon for the next few days we plan to take full advantage.  I love being busy but don't you sometimes crave the simplicity of a quiet weekend at home?  I hope you have a great one and here are some fun links from around the web.

A friend recently suggested this site via Facebook and I love it.  This post about finding your passion is a must-read.

Take this personality test via Cup of Jo...which are you?

I reestablished my love for Pinterest this week after a brief, self-imposed break...I was am a full-on addict.

Operation Photo Rescue saves your damaged photographs.  This is awesome.

I love these whimsical tea-inspired photos

Dazed Digital's 2012 highlights chosen by the photo editors.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Statue Watching

The Greek and Roman Art Hall at the Met is one of my favorite places in New York.  I love sculpture and it has always fascinated me that these masterpieces were once a slab of stone.  After an hour spent walking around, watching the light through the windows and studying the lines and grooves of these works I felt so inspired.  I'm usually more of a people watcher but watching statutes can be just as telling.

Life imitating art.

And I visited some statues in Rome a few years ago.

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