Monday, June 17, 2013

Instagram Weekend

We visit our local library every week and we finally (finally) got our girl her own library card.  We've already lost it 15 times since we picked it up because she refuses to let me put it in a safe place but she loves having it.  We've got a bookworm on our hands and we love it.
 Pigs are flying somewhere.  In between visits to the park, time with family and a lot of running around I actually took the time to take a nap.  Even when Lucia was a baby and I was exhausted and everyone told me to sleep when she sleeps I always found something that needed to be done.  These days my to-do list is longer than ever and my baby is a big girl (who mercifully still naps 2 to 3 hours a day) but when she went down for her afternoon sleeps on Saturday and Sunday I sat on the couch and for once didn't fight it when my eyes inevitably closed.  These days I feel like I spend my time day dreaming about my son and daughter together.  I plan to really enjoy these next few weeks (!!) of having an only child before we welcome a newborn and all the beautiful chaos that comes with a new arrival.  Here's a glimpse at our weekend via Instagram and I hope you have a great week ahead.  I'm really looking forward to Alt Summit in New York this week!  It's my first time going.

We both hit a rite of passage this weekend - I finally let her go up into this crazy jungle gym by herself and she conquered the "big slide" at last.  She was always afraid of it but I think she got a little extra courage from knowing that we trusted her up there by herself.  It resulted in about 30 consecutive trips up and down the steps and we were all thoroughly exhausted by the time we went home for lunch.

I will always love to make prints and I love having them in my home.  Stickygrams are one of my favorite ways to preserve memories - especially because their bite-size are perfect for tiny toddler hands.  She sits by the dishwasher every night and chooses a different photo and asks "do you remember this day, mommy?"  Here she's pointing to an instagram from a trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Last year at the beach on Father's Day.

Her ballet recital last week and her first trophy.  Processed with a couple of my favorite apps for iPhone.

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