Friday, June 14, 2013


I've been in a decluttering mood lately.  Part of it is nesting and part of it is that I am just tired of having so much stuff every where.  This spring I donated or gave away more clothes than ever (most likely because I've spent the last three years hoarding and refusing to get rid of anything) and I'm starting to actually store home decor that I've been living with for years (that I can't quite part with yet) and actually shred papers that we will never, ever need again (like extremely old tax returns and student loan documents).  The next project/challenge will be making room for baby in our existing nursery without having to sacrifice too much of what my girl has and loves in there already.  I've also been spending more time trying to manage everything in anticipation of the birth of my new baby which has left little time for most other things including this blog.  I'm hoping that I can pick up the pace again and get back to doing what I love and that's sharing on this space.  In the meantime we're going to enjoy a quiet weekend where we actually have no plans but to relax at home in the city and spend time together - especially on Father's Day.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend where ever you are and here are some fun links from around the web.

Last week was the 15th anniversary of Sex and the City.  I still remember the first time I watched it and the anticipation waiting for a new episode every Sunday night!

The new VSCO Cam photo app is here!  And I just wrote about it in this post.  Read more about it on Cult of Mac.

I LOVE this site: The Moment Junkie.

I'm co-hosting a giveaway over on Glamamom where I'm a Contributing Editor.  It's an amazing HP printer valued at $199!  Go check it out.

Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg on the Business of Blogging.

Facetune will help make your portraits more flattering.

This Tumblr is so cool - Awesome People Reading. via Cup of Jo.

I'm of the opinion that these photographs are an invasion of privacy but some call them art. 

Are photography contests worthwhile or worthless?

I will be making this strawberry compote this weekend.

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