Friday, May 10, 2013


The city plants thousands of tulips each spring for everyone to enjoy.  These are in Madison Square Park.  If you hurry you might still be able to catch them.  I took this early this week.

I've been trying to spend as much time as possible outside this spring.  The baby loves the parks and exploring new places but I've also been making time to get out by myself to recharge my batteries and take in the city.  Once summer starts we'll be hitting the playgrounds and I've got a list of little adventures that is growing by the day of places and things to show her around the city before her little brother arrives in late July.  Before she was born my husband and I would spend most weekends in the city hanging around our neighborhood during the day and venturing beyond a 10 block radius in either direction only for dinner or late nights out with friends.  Occasionally we'd hit a museum for a special exhibit or spend the day uptown in Central Park where as diehard downtowners we'd joke we might get a nosebleed.  Having a kid teaches you an infinite amount of things about life, yourself, your partner, the universe (I'm not exaggerating though I often tend to do that) and one of the many things that changed when we had her was that our weekends became a series of adventures and little trips not just for her entertainment but to also break out of the habit of staying put for us.  She loves the subway, taxis and taking the bus...ohmygod the bus!  We could ride the bus all day and she would be in heaven.  Every weekend has become about where we would take her next and now one of her favorite questions, being the active New Yorker that she is, is "What are we doing this weekend?"  I'm so happy to foster that need for adventure, love of travel and fearlessness in her (although that last part scares me sometimes).  This weekend for Mother's Day I'm going to relish my little family and spend time reflecting on this fun journey we've been on together. 

Uptown tulips on Park Avenue.

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