Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A round-up on shooting portraits

My kid, the storyteller, post-nap.
The photography-related topic I receive emails about most is shooting portraits.  While I don't think that there's a formula for taking photos of people I can honestly say that the most important element I personally want to capture is emotion.  This is my goal with every picture I take but especially when my subject is a person - be it a stranger or my own child.  If you can evoke a feeling (and you'll know it when you see it) and show the essence of a person then I think you've got yourself a successful portrait.

Here's a little round-up of tutorials I've done in the past that can help on the topic.

How to take better portraits
Tips for taking pictures of kids
Five tips for taking pictures of babies
Photographing people in public
Faceless portraits

And wondering how you can hone your skills and capture that emotion?  Check out five tips for capturing emotion in your photographs.

Do you have any tips?  I'd love to hear.  And feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

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