Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lucia Griggi and the Surfers

Lucia Griggi is a photographer truly dedicated to her craft.  A lover of the ocean and the sport of surfing (she's a surfer herself) she really gets in on the action swimming under enormous waves in order to capture her subjects riding them.  Her photos are so evocative, telling and quite simply, brave. HOW does she do it and so beautifully at that?  Looking at them I can almost feel the power and energy of the water and the strength, grace and passion of the surfers.

According to her interview on My Modern Met, she "first discovered her love for photography with a simple point-and-shoot while vacationing in exotic locales like Morocco, China, Australia, and New Zealand.  From there, her passion developed into documenting the surfer's lifestyle and the adrenaline-rushing excitement that goes along with it."

See more and learn more about Lucia on My Modern Met.

Via My Modern Met

All images by Lucia Griggi 

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