Thursday, April 04, 2013

Food Art by Ida Skivenes

 Ida Skivenes started sharing photos of her food creations on Instagram in June 2012 when she was inspired by a photo she found on the Internet of two pieces of toast that looked like a bear and a fox.

Her clever and whimsical food art creations were featured on the Instagram blog and naturally an even bigger interest in her work grew from there sparking more people to start following her.  Ida has over 90,000 fans and her simple concepts have evolved into more complicated ones as she seems to be inspired by everything from movies and cartoons to modern art.  I think I should try this at home with my toddler.  If I make her vegetables look like that she is sure to eat them, no?  These are some of my favorites.

Check out her blog too.

Via My Modern Met.

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