Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An afternoon at Eataly

The list of my favorite places in New York never stops growing.  The Met, Central Park, the Bronx Zoo, and on and on.  My list of favorite places to eat is even longer.  I love food and one of my favorite things about this city is that fact that you can get pretty much anything you want, any day of the week, at any time.  Thai, Italian, Peruvian, Greek, deli, whatever your heart (and belly) desires.  While I love the occasional super fancy meal and they've been at the center of some of my most favorite NYC memories (Gramercy Tavern and the Oak Room, anyone?) sometimes you just want to get down to basics.  You can't get any more casual or wonderful than Eataly.  While there is NOTHING basic about this place it absolutely tops my list of favorite places to eat in Manhattan and it is even in my top five favorite places in all the city. 

Just LOOK at this heirloom tomato. Have you EVER?

Eataly is like a love letter to Italy's food indulgence and culture.  When they say that they are in love with food, they mean it and it shows in every detail of the place.  From the restaurants, to the marketplace and the selection of cheese, meat, fish and homemade pasta, to the cafe and gelato stand, each product is meticulously selected and styled.  And the desserts?! OhMyGod the desserts.  I couldn't photograph the desserts because there were so many people ogling them that I wasn't able to get close enough.  I think anyone coming to New York can easily spend an afternoon there as they would going to a museum except the works of art are edible.  What better way to spend a day than eating and drinking your way through it?

My suggestion is to go about an hour before lunch time, have a look around and browse and sit down right before the rush.  Then enjoy an espresso at the coffee bar and take a gelato to go and sit outside in Madison Square Park to truly savor it. 

I love these candies and haven't been able to get them anywhere else in the city.

Gorgeous white asparagus.

How can water look so pretty?

Me and my leopard print spring coat that I've been dying to wear for months with my super-tall sister standing behind me.

Making fresh lasagna.

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