Friday, March 15, 2013


The waves at my favorite beach in East Hampton.  This print is in my Etsy shop.
My toddler has spring break for the next two weeks - it is sweet and funny and sad at the same time.  When did I become the parent of a child who has "spring break?"  I have so many fun things planned for us while she's out of school.  Several trips to the Children's Museum of the Arts, a trip to the Met, having fun at home, and lots and lots of cuddle time.  We're going to the Hamptons this weekend to get her vacation started right.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are some cool links from around the web this week.

I was featured on Beauty Bender this week talking about my beauty routines and favorite products! It was fun to talk about my other favorite thing...make-up!

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti went around the world photographing kids with their favorite toys (love this).

A sea of cameras at the unveiling of Pope Francis.

Did you catch the 35% discount on all 8x8 photobooks from Adorama for my readers? 

Disney princesses after ever after

Beautiful photos about finding yourself.

Photographing love.

Minimalist architecture posters (cool).

Living with less (via Cup of Jo).

Six awesome Instagramers and their pictures of NYC.

Would you work for free?

Meet the lowline in NYC (via The Daily Muse).  Cool!

This pregnancy has me craving quiche every single day.  I wish someone would make me this one.

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