Monday, February 25, 2013

Instagram Weekend(s)

Times Square in the rain looking as chaotic and inspiring as ever.

The last week was a bit of a blur.  Between my birthday, a house guest, and a visit from what we're calling the Great Plague of 2013, things have been a little hectic.  I know it's particularly bad when my husband, a man with the constitution of an ox, is laid up in bed for three consecutive days.  By some miracle, or maybe it's just baby hormones, I've been spared this round...but I don't want to jinx myself.  Even so, I've been running around a lot lately with my iPhone (as always) and my camera (not as much lately) as my constant companions.  So here are some snaps via Instagram from the last couple of weeks.  Also, if you want to see more of these "camera you have" iPhone pictures, head over to my Facebook page where I share some more.  Happy Monday!

We spent all morning on Saturday and Sunday playing with our new Plan Toys dollhouse.  It's so beautiful and I'm proud to say my husband and I actually had the patience to put it together ourselves.  A miracle.

More Times Square.

I finally made it to the 9.11 Memorial.  More on that this week.
Grand Central.

It's been raining quite a bit in New York.

The Apple Store on Fifth Avenue aka Chaos Central.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge for an early supper.

The 9.11 Memorial.

The light is always magical in Soho.

The Shack Burger!

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