Monday, February 11, 2013

Instagram Weekend

The storm was pretty awful over the weekend but it's safe to say that we dodged a bullet in Manhattan.  We definitely got our fair share and enough to have a whole weekend of play and fun in the snow but it wasn't nearly as bad as what happened in Long Island, Connecticut and New England.  Just like every other New York winter, today it is freezing and raining and the white stuff is a slushy mess.  Thankfully we have our memories from the last few days to keep us going until the next snow fall.  Here are a few via Instagram.

Also, are you on Vine?  I decided to join everyone over there and even posted a few of my videos.  You can find me under the screen name, you guessed it, ciaochessa.  In the meantime if you'd like to see what I've shared so far you can find my little videos over on my Twitter.

And this was my girl last year during her first storm.  She is wearing the same snow suit this year and it fits her perfectly!  Last year I was worrying she would trip over the long pants but this time around it is just right. 

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