Monday, February 04, 2013

Instagram Weekend

This time of year is perfect for a weekend trip to the country.  Yes, it's freezing but you've got the roads, shops and restaurants practically all to yourself.  We like to go for long drives when it's nearly sunset, visit the beach to watch the waves become even wilder by the gusts of the high winds and sit by the fire under a warm blanket while the snow quietly falls outside.  It's not everyone's must-do in the winter months but a trip to the Hamptons always recharges my batteries and gets me ready for the week ahead.

We went for a drive in Southampton while the baby napped in her carseat and came upon this house that looks just like the Grayson's mansion on Revenge.  I love that show...

 We went to visit what was once one of my favorite spots in the Hamptons.  I saw a photo in the New York Times during the Hurricane Sandy storm surge where it looked like the house was floating on the water when the bay and the ocean met to flood everything in its path.  This little house, with its quiet, raw and subtle beauty, illustrated everything that I love about the Hamptons.  And it seems like others found it lovely and worth preserving because no one ever tore it down (even though it's pretty much surrounded by huge homes like the "Grayson" home above.  It's gone now and it seems that no one has the heart to even clean up what is left.  My heart broke a little when we came upon it.  This is what it once looked like.  

 Nearly home...

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