Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Halno: The Japanese Harry Potter

A while back I featured the amazing self-portraits created by Japanese artist and photographer Natsumi Hayashi.  Inspired by her whimsical levitation portraits, Japanese graphic designer Halno has taken his own set of clever flying photos with the help of an assistant.  In the photos, which have led to him being dubbed "The Japanese Harry Potter," this hipster flies on a broomstick at the beach, in a forest, and next to cars and airplanes.  He's become know for his flying man pictures but I'm also drawn to some of this other quirky shots like this one and others that may or may not involve a person wearing a bunny suit (cute! and weird).  The photos are shared with his nearly 50,000 followers via Instagram and I personally love seeing these bizarre and creative pictures on my Instagram feed.



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Via The  Huffington Post and My Modern Met.

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