Friday, February 01, 2013

Fridays (and some news!)

This summer my baby will be a big sister to a baby brother.  These days thoughts of my two angels growing, learning, playing, and making us crazy (in the best way possible) have completely taken over my heart, mind and work.  The road wasn't easy and I've learned that anything that is worth it takes not only hard work and commitment but also faith.  And, faith is sometimes very (extremely) hard to come by. 

Happy Friday, thanks for reading and sharing my joy, and here are some links from around the web to kick off the weekend!

Speaking of babies, an app that helps you choose a baby name!  Considering we were convinced this kid was a girl this will come in handy.

A pep talk from Kid President.  You need to watch this.  "Create something that will make the world awesome."  YES.

I don't even know who's playing in the Superbowl this weekend (I'm not kidding) but I am PUMPED to see Beyonce at half-time.  Also, I will celebrate anything that includes snacks like these.

My Instagram gallery wall tutorial was featured on the Adorama blog And, in case you missed it, here's my gallery wall tutorial.

Belly shots round one.  So fun for me to go back and see these all together!

This behind-the-scenes look of a fashion editorial shot by Jamie Beck and styled by Kelly Framel is gorgeous.  

The photographer's outlook on 2013 - a guide you can download!

New York Fashion Week is almost here!

An amazing picture of a guy feeding ducks.

How to Raise Your Rates, Deliver Better Work & Get Paid What You Deserve

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