Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instagram Weekend

After enduring several gray days over the last few weeks I was so happy to welcome back the sun.  Of course it is bitterly cold outside lately but somehow the bite of the air is less offensive when the sky is (deceptively) blue and the sun is beaming.  We went out to the country this weekend and I chased the light as much as I could.  A long, quiet weekend with my little family is just what I needed after a busy week.  Here is a view via Instagram.

 My iPhone camera is not my first choice for shooting portraits (obviously) but sometimes it surprises me.  The light was streaming in and my girl was on my lap so the lens I had on my dslr, even though it was right next to me, wasn't going to work.  This was a moment that needed to be captured instantly even if the camera wasn't as ideal for measuring the light and this is one of the reasons why I love mobile photography so much.  When I'm older and my daughter is a woman this is the look that I will most remember from her sweet toddler years, and I can hear her punctuate whatever sentence she's saying with her signature "right, mommy?"  

Early morning light in the front yard.

Creating a masterpiece at the Children's Museum,
For the first time ever our beach-loving baby said she wanted to leave.  Of course we were very bundled up and it was quite cold but I think it had more to do with the fact that there was a cupcake waiting for her back in the car.

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Krystal said...

the w/e sounds and looks like it was lovely :)

Shoko said...

gorgeous light, and that looks like quite a beautiful masterpiece, too :)

MizzJ said...

Your beach photos are always my fave!

Huayu Wang said...

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