Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flora by Nick Knight

Celebrated fashion photographer Nick Knight boldly invents his own unique world with his latest work.  To create each piece in the portfolio, Flora, Knight shot photographs and exposed the prints to heat and water during the printing process. 

The results are still life images that appear to be melting and evolving.  I love the richness of the color and the nuance of each piece.  No flower is alike and it seems that Knight has meticulously and patiently studied each flower to show its individuality and beauty.  "Initiated in 1993 for his installation of ‘Plant Power’ Flora, Knight chose a final 46 specimens (from over 6 million species!!) to photograph.  “Some were like feathers of neon, breathtakingly delicate, others were like urban plans, architecturally precise… many were joyful splashes of color like children’s paintings, carefree, happy nonsense.” Never able to put the project to bed almost 15 years later we now get his first limited edition portfolio where Knight has chosen to release 15 images from this acclaimed publication." (see Trendland)  

Via Honestly WTF and Trendland.

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