Monday, January 07, 2013

A new year.

Are you any good at making resolutions?  Is anyone?  How about actually keeping them?  Every year I make some resolutions that I feel really excited about and sometimes I fulfill them and sometimes I just don't.  This year instead of setting up lofty goals and then ultimately feeling guilty if I somehow don't think that I've reached them, I've decided to be kinder and put less stress on myself.  I've always been a maker of lists and the process of checking something off is so satisfying. 

My to-dos for 2013 include: visiting museums more often (I'm going to the Guggenheim on Thursday), calling my friends more (how did texting become an acceptable form of conversation for days on end?), having more date nights, and completing a 365 Project (one photo a day for every day of the year.  The 365 project sounds great.  Have you ever done one?  Every Friday on my link list I'll be sharing my photos of the week.  However fun, interesting or utterly mundane they are, I think that this project will be a great way to push myself to continue to take photos for fun even when they're not technically part of my work.  If you want to push yourself creatively this year, this project might be just the thing you need.  I hope to not waste a single moment of this year (major procrastinator here) and to remember it all!

In general I want to try to be better. Focusing on my relationships with the people who matter and especially the one that I have with myself is really important to me and I want to push myself to try new things.  I've never been afraid of change (okay, maybe a little) and every January I always feel refreshed and excited about the thought of new things to come.  Speaking of change, how do you like the new look to Ciao, Chessa!  I'm really thankful that my good friend Rebecca (one of the reasons why I love blogging so much is because I've gotten to meet gems like her) put me in touch with Emily who came up with this beautiful, fresh new design.  So here's to a new year!  Let's make it great.

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