Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thinking about Newtown


For several days I've been contemplating what to write about the tragic events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut last week.   I've been allowing myself to watch the news and read the paper in spurts because I felt so overcome by sadness on Friday and over the weekend that I realized I needed to stop myself.  When you're a kid you're supposed to feel safe and protected.  School is a sanctuary - a place to have fun, learn, and see your friends - and on Friday that feeling was taken perhaps forever.  I see the look of hope and wonder in my daughter's face whenever she figures something out and it brings light and joy into my life.  I listen to my 4 year old niece tell me about things she is learning in pre-K and the excitement in her voice is palpable and it makes me feel eager  to watch her grow and become the person who she is meant to be.  I feel such a profound sadness for the families of the victims and I simply cannot image the pain and loss that they are living through.  Losing a child, especially at such a young age, is the most unnatural and painful experience I think any parent would have to endure.  For me it is simply unthinkable.

As a mother I want what most other parents want.  I want my daughter to be happy, and to live a life that fulfills her and that she feels motivated by.  I want her to be strong and to always feel and be safe and secure in this world even when things are inevitably stressful or seem too hard.  I want her to feel excited and inspired about things and I wish that she will always know how much her parents love and adore her and each other.  It goes without saying that I want her to outlive me and for me to live long enough to see it all happen for her.  So many people were robbed of these basic feelings and desires on Friday and my heart breaks for them. 

Many of us feel so helpless in the wake of all of this but I read that you can write a letter of love and support to the school and parents to this address:

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Newtown, CT 06482

Also, I thought that this article was helpful to find more information on what you can do.


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