Thursday, November 22, 2012

On giving thanks

Monica L. Shulman - Central Park
Central Park earlier this fall.

The best piece of advice I received at my wedding (over eight years ago) was to remember to take a few moments amid the happiness and chaos to just stop and breath in the day.  I took it to heart and it's become a regular practice to stop and recognize moments in life.  Sometimes they are a huge, like the day my daughter was born, and sometimes they are small, like the day my favorite jeans fit again (although let's face it, that's pretty awesome too).  But, they are all equally important.

I'm always wondering where the day, week, month went.  I think of the things that I accomplished within a specified time and when the list seems too short I'm hard on myself for procrastinating or not trying hard enough.  And then I remember all the big and little things that are worth remembering and it feels overwhelming to know that so much has happened in so little time and that no matter what, I feel thankful and lucky.  The good and even the not-so-good are worth it even if they exist only to teach a hard lesson and still I feel grateful (even if it's hard eventually I work on coming around).  So this thanksgiving day, and every day of the year, is worth a moment of reflection and thanks. 

 Monica L. Shulman - Central Park

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