Monday, November 26, 2012

Instagram Weekend

photo 4(3)
We drove out to East Hampton after the holiday.  I looked out the window while we waited at a light and I spotted this beautiful, serene scene.  I've gone down this road thousands of times but it's never looked like this. 

This weekend I ate way too much but enjoyed every minute of it.  Originally my goal was to control myself from now until January 1st but where's the fun in that?  I also did a lot of shopping between Black Friday (I did it online because I don't do too well in huge crowds) and Cyber Monday which is always fun too.  Speaking of shopping, my holiday gift guides are coming up this week and there's something for every art and photography lover in your life.  What's on your wishlist?

Here's a look into my weekend via Instagram (where you can see more if you'd like).

 Instagram - Monica L. Shulman
I made cupcakes and buttercream icing all from scratch.  And I think I may have cured myself of my cupcake addiction now that I know EXACTLY how much butter and sugar is involved.

photo 1(2)
I also made about a bajillion sugar cookies if anyone wants some. 

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