Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - Photography Books

Ciao, Chessa! Holiday Gift Guides for art and photography lovers!
I used a photo from my visit to the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman last year for my banner.  Their windows are my favorite every year.  Can't wait to check them out in the next few weeks!

I'm really excited to be sharing a few gift guides that I've put together for this holiday season.  Everything is for the art and photography lover in your life and I hope you enjoy!

I've been collecting coffee table books for years (if only I had the space to store them all in my apartment/office) and I think they make wonderful gifts.  It's no surprise that I love photography books and these five are among my favorites that anyone would love.  You can also see a few more of my favorites in my Ciao, Chessa! Amazon book store, if you'd like.

Gift Guide 2012 - Books

Many photographers (myself included) say that the first time they saw this book it changed their lives.  I first explored it at my public library when I was in high school and supposed to be studying for the SATs and I've been a Robert Frank enthusiast and student ever since.  Years later I was lucky enough to view some of the photographs from this book at the Met Museum as well as at the Robert Mann Gallery here in New York.  Any lover of photography, art, history, Americana, would treasure this book.  Jack Kerouac wrote the Introduction to this classic photography book and for me that's just the icing on the cake.

Gift Guide 2012 - Books
A couple of years ago, the photographic works of an unknown Chicago nanny named Vivian Maier, were discovered at an auction box among the contents of a repossessed storage locker. They were purchased in 2007 by a very lucky Chicago man named John Maloof. The lot turned out to contain some 30,000 negatives of images by Maier.  This woman, an incredibly talented, inspiring and evocative street photographer, has become famous the world over.  This collection of her images edited by Maloof is a visual masterpiece.

Gift Guide 2012 - Books
Part text book, part visual daydream and escape, this book of photographs is the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the magazine (I am! I am!)  Edited by Kathy Ryan, longtime photo editor of the Magazine, the volume is divided into four sections: reportage, portraiture, style and conceptual photography.  

Gift Guide 2012 - Books
Elliott Erwitt - Personal Best
Elliott Erwitt is one of my favorite photographers of all time and this retrospective of his work, carefully curated by Erwitt himself, presents what he considers to be his personal best.  The collection includes pictures of New York City, Marilyn and Paris so basically I get the goosebumps every time I look through this book.  It's amazing.  I love him so much that, Elliott Erwitt's New York is on my nightstand and I thumb through it almost every night before bed.

Gift Guide 2012 - Books

 I've been reading Vogue magazine since I was 13 years old.  I used my babysitting money to buy it when I went to the supermarket with my mother and my walls were plastered with photos by Richard Avedon and Herb Ritts.  I loved Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington.  And the clothes.  Oh my God, the clothes.  This book is an education in the evolution of style from a fashion editor's perspective and it shows just how much we are all influenced by what we see in magazines.

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