Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Photography Lovers at Every Budget

Ciao,Chessa! Holiday Gift Guide

I love this time of year.  I don't know anyone who doesn't love to get gifts but I'm one of those people who loves to give more than to receive.  I'm always looking for the perfect present for my daughter, husband, mom, dad, sister, or best friend, and I love knowing that they are happy with what I chose.  This gift guide is for the photography lover and at so many different price points there is something for every budget.

1.   iPhone case $16.98 
I love the simplicity and whimsy of this iPhone case and it's perfect for a guy or a gal in black and white.

2.   ReVIVE Series Solar Battery Pack $27.99
What's more frustrating than running out of battery on your iPhone? Few things.
3.   Fingerless gloves $59
I want to stay warm this winter but shooting photos is a priority.  Now my fingers can be accessible, unfrozen and chic.  Plus, I love this cool blue color.

4.   Pinhole Press Portrait Notepad $12.99  
The perfect gift that you can personalize for anyone.
5.   Ciao, Chessa! Our City Lights 8x12 Open Edition Photograph $30
All of my open edition prints start at just $30 in my Etsy shop.
6.  Lomo Diana F+ Chrome Camera$91
This awesome retro camera has been on my wishlist since forever.
7.   iPad case $11.99
I love this color!  I'll never look at an iPad case the same way again.
7.   Camera Bag $31.00
This bag is equal parts fashionable and functional. And at this price you can't beat it.
9.   Color lens and flash filters $15
Imagine all the fun photos that you can take with these filter colors.  You can pretty much do anything.

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