Friday, October 26, 2012


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Fall is my favorite season.  There is so much change happening.  It's that brief respite from the heat of summer on the way to winter that looks so beautiful you can hardly believe that it's the introduction to some very, very cold months ahead.  One day the trees are green and lush and the next they're stripped of their leaves and rattling in the wind.  What happens in between - the rich, warm colors - are so fleeting that if you look away you might miss it.  Yesterday afternoon, following an appointment uptown, I found myself too close to Central Park to not wander inside for a walk.  I felt rushed and wanted to get home and I was feeling guilty about missing the baby's ballet class on account of my meeting.  I knew she was having the best time with her beloved nanny and sometimes you just have to stop.  Just stop and take time to look around and appreciate little things and deep down I knew that she was happily taking her nap and that I would be home before she woke up.  It was only an hour but I felt so rejuvenated and during autumn, like during pretty much every thing else in life, if you don't look and appreciate the change it will pass you by in a blink.

I hope you have a beautiful, fall weekend and here are some great links from around the web.

This weekend is the Photo Plus Expo in New York.

Breathtaking autumn.

OMG can I just please get on the next plane to Paris?!

8 on-the-rise photographers.

So, apparently the "Perfect Storm" is coming to New York?  

Challenge yourself and eat something new.

Awesome people hanging out.

Unfinished portraits.

Branding the Presidents (amazing) via Shoko.

Newsweek says goodbye to print.

Awesome photo manipulations of animals.

I love The Glow.

Chanel's "Little Black Jacket" exhibit in Sydney that needs to come to NYC.  Please?

Essential techniques for Lightroom 4.

We already painted our pumpkins (no carving this time) but check out this too cool DIY lace pumpkin!  There's always next year.

The trees are still rather green for late-October so maybe another trip uptown is in order.  Next time I'll take the girl.  I'll share more photos next week but in the meantime there are these and also this little face post-nap but still hanging out in her crib telling me about her morning. 

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman
Post-nap big girl.


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