Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A lifetime of half minutes

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

When Lucia was an infant we would while away the days staring at each other, making silly faces and dancing in the living room. I made up songs about everything from bath time and walking in the park to imaginary friends and make-believe places.  She would watch my eyes and my lips and my hair with the same intensity that I would study hers.  At night I would sneak into her room while she slept just to breath in her sweet baby smell that seemed to permeate the walls of her tiny nursery and every room in our house.  Yesterday while I made her dinner I watched her sitting at her little table pretending to read a book to her baby doll.  She looked so grown up and I felt blown away by the moment, my love for her and just how quickly the last 26 (almost) months have passed.  She turned around as though she sensed my eyes staring into her back and she gave me her signature pensive look and a very sweet and matter-of-fact "hi, mommy" before she turned back to her business.  I felt so many things in those thirty seconds.  Being a parent has shown me that life is just as much about all the "big moments" as it is about the seemingly infinite number of half-minute exchanges and I find myself being more and more overwhelmed by every knowing look, smile, hug and hello.

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