Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My New York

Copyright 2012 Monica L. Shulman

There is always something happening here and it's always electric.  Sometimes it can be difficult to capture the energy and excitement of New York and I tend to find it in unexpected places.  I go for walks with my camera slung on my shoulder, I don't listen to music and I leave my phone in my bag.  I am usually in my own world, watching everything all around me, catching pieces of other people's conversations, looking at their shoes, stopping to look at store windows.   I like to study those random, private moments of the city and the people who live here and create my own little moments.  New York is like a necessary external heartbeat and I always feel refreshed and recharged after having a day out in the city on my own and discovering ways to see her in a new light.

Check out some of my favorite New York moments here

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