Friday, June 22, 2012


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Sitting on a dock in Montauk ready to take flight and making us very nervous since we were sitting in the middle of a pond.

Of all the things I've learned about myself and life and love since having a baby not taking anything for granted, especially the passage of time, is one of the most important.  Hours turn into days and days into weeks, then months and then years and here we are with this exceptional little girl who has the shiniest eyes, the brightest smile, very strong opinions and who loves to cuddle more than anyone in the world.  This weekend we'll be celebrating her second birthday and it hardly seems possible since it was only yesterday that we left the hospital and I showed her around her new home.  That first night I sat with her in my arms in our living room and I stared at her with wide wonder studying every centimeter of her perfect face.  I remember that I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that just 48 hours earlier she had been in my belly.  Yet there we were staring at each other completely in love and awe.  Happy birthday sweet angel, miracle of our lives, healer of broken hearts and maker of dreams come true.  We love you more than anything.

New York City
One week old.

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