Friday, June 15, 2012


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My two greatest loves.  Moving so much in sync with each other.

Summer is almost officially here but we've been enjoying such beautiful weather and going to so many parks in the city during the week and beaches in the country on the weekends that it seems like the season started ages ago. Not that I'm complaining. This weekend will be spent outdoors and celebrating daddies.  Have a wonderful weekend whatever you do and here are some fun links from around the web.

Ten simple SEO tips.

Is there a right way to hold a camera?

iPhoneography trends.

This exhibit looks cool and makes me nostalgic.

Watercolor animals.

The most stunning and evocative wedding photos I've seen...ever.

Beautiful overcast landscapes.

Iconic images reimagined with Instagram.  The good, the bad, the terrible.

Speaking of which, check out Mastergram.

Spying on your neighbors.

On why Pinterest isn't for photographers.  But I still use it and love it even if I don't allow images from my portfolio to be pinned and only allow a limited number to be pinned from my blog. 

This interior has me swooning.

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

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