Tuesday, May 01, 2012

You Look at Me Like an Emergency - By Cig Harvey


I've admired Cig Harvey's work for a while now and even shared a post about her work two years ago. So, I was delighted when I learned that she recently published a book of images (I just ordered mine and you can too, here).  The title -- You Look at Me Like an Emergency -- is so moving and evocative.  The book is a visual autobiography exploring the photographer's central relationships over the course of more than a decade. "As much a map of one woman’s emotional life as it is a catalog of psychological archetypes, You Look At Me Like An Emergency, takes the viewer on a literal and metaphorical journey that deals with rejection, hope, strength, loss and love to finally find a place called home." (here)  Aren't we all on that journey and sometimes repeating and reliving certain parts of it again and again in our lives?

From what I've seen so far I can honestly say that I relate to each and every one of her photos and that is what I love so much about her work.  It is universal and so honest.  She makes art illustrating feelings that some people cannot even describe with words let alone a visual image.  "In seventy-four luminous photographs and seventeen personally written vignettes, You Look At Me Like An Emergency, conveys the universal quest for personal identity and place in the world." (here).  I can't wait to get my copy in the mail.




And check out this video from her site.  If you're not enticed or at least a tiny bit curious about her work after watching it, well...I don't know what to tell you.


All images Copyright Cig Harvey.

All images via My Modern Met and Kevin Longino.

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