Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Instagram Weekend

photo 3(37)

Daily trips to the beach, lazy afternoon naps, long walks to no place in particular and easy meals al fresco.  The long weekend was the perfect start to what will surely be a wonderful summer.

photo 2(42)
A foggy night in Montauk.

photo 1(42)
Fog on the pond.  Stay tuned for a tutorial this week on how to capture it.

photo 3(36)
The quietest block where we can walk in the middle of the road and actually feel safe.

photo 4(35)
The grass never gets this long in the city.  I love how green and beautiful it is in the woods behind our house even though I don't let anyone in my family walk in it because of the ticks.

photo 4(36)
My assistant and me shooting the fog.  The next day it had all lifted but I decided not to take my phone to the beach that day and to truly disconnect.

photo 3(38)
I love how there's just a tiny hint of sunlight dancing on the waves.  The sun really wanted to come out.

photo 2(40)

The hose is apparently where it's at...even though the water is freezing cold. 

photo 5(34)
The fog was so thick at one point...

photo 4(37)
And then just like that, it was gone.

photo 5(32)
I think she is the funniest girl.

photo 1(38)

photo 4(34)
I love this patch of woods behind our home.  That tree has been down for as long as I can remember.

photo 4(33)
Looking for seashells and rocks to throw back at the ocean. Getting our legs wet even though the water was ice cold.

photo 2(38)

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