Monday, May 21, 2012

Instagram Weekend

photo 2(29)
Sea of windows downtown.

The beautiful weather this weekend meant we spent most of our time outdoors but we were also very productive at home. I took spring cleaning to an entirely new level -- Closets have been cleaned, winter clothes stored, baby toys sorted and ready to give away/donate/throw out and we finally finished our garden. It's upsetting that this Monday is so rainy and gray but my mind is already on the long weekend that is before us.

Here's a glimpse at the last few days via Instagram.

photo 4(27)
Her smile makes even the grayest day bright.

photo 5(23)
I love that you can't really see our faces here but you can tell that we're smiling.

photo 5(22)
Brunch at Bubby's.

photo 4(29)
The playground at the end of the week.

photo 4(28)
Snack break at the park to watch the sunset.

photo 3(29)
The baby helped with our garden (I bought her a red mini-watering can) and she also made sure to wash her car in anticipation of summer.

photo 1(30)
Jumping in the bouncy castle at her cousin's birthday party.
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