Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happening Here

Copyright 2012 Monica L. Shulman

I see New York City as art.  Lines, shapes, contrasts and negative space all coming together to create the world's most intense and kinetic masterpiece.  Whether you choose to look up or down this city is always bustling, always pulsating and motivating.  The corner of 23rd Street at the Broadway Fifth Avenue intersection is one of my favorite spots in New York because no matter which direction you choose to look the city is alive and rich in ideas and inspiration.  Something is always happening here.

Copyright 2012 Monica L. Shulman

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rebecca said...

you are so good at taking photos of people on the street. I very much struggle with this.

Shoko said...

I love that intersection, too. New York constantly amazes and inspires...we are so lucky to live here!