Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to Childhood


Photographer Julien Mauve combines nostalgia with everyday adult living in his beautiful series Back to Childhood.  He discovered an old box of toys in his grandparents’ attic and became inspired to bring his memories to life through modern day, adult interactions with the items. He says, “Going further than their power to generate nostalgia, toys offer those who animate them a marvelous power to reinvent the world.”

I had so many of these toys as a kid and I have to admit that my belly flipped a little when I first looked at the photos and remembered playing with them myself.  And then of course I remember my own child playing with some of these toys too...namely, Sophie the giraffe, a favorite of hers that I've saved.  Julien says about the toys, “Each of them reminded me of a particular moment of my childhood and I felt emotionally connected to them.” I totally understand what he's saying and I think that the photographs perfectly illustrate those feelings.



Where's Waldo? 



Via My Modern Met.
Plus, check out Julien Mauve's website.



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