Friday, April 13, 2012


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Last weekend at the beach. 

We have some fun plans for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow night we're going to see a dear friend of mine from law school in a musical (who says lawyers are boring?) and Sunday we're hoping to take Lucia to Central Park for a carousel ride.   I hope your weekend is relaxing and wonderful, and here are some cool links from around the web.

Pictures from outer space.

Tim Hetherington's legacy from his mother's perspective.

Dinner etiquette.

Recently on Pinterest...rockstars and portraits.  I'm addicted.

And speaking of portraits, here are some tips for taking better case you missed it!

And, the perfect group portrait apparently exists and you can get there in 9 steps!

I love spring colors!

Nerd boyfriend.

Fashion, passion and history.

A model turned photographer, Jenny Hueston, and she's awesome.

Facebook Timeline: 5 New Tools For Your Photo Brand  (mine needs work)

Chuck Close is such an inspiration.

Titanic: 100 years.

Shooting rock and roll.


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