Friday, April 06, 2012


Copyright Monica L. Shulman
From a recent walk on the Highline.

My favorite time of day in New York is that hour when the sun is just about to set.  There is a bit of electricity in the air when the city's alter ego, night, is about to take over and the promise of something exciting and fun is hanging in the air.  This weekend will be all about long walks (at all hours), spending time with my family and chasing adventures and the magic light. 

And, here are a few fun links from around the web.

Why unremarkable photos go for $500K and more.  And a more thorough analysis, if you're interested.

Easter egg cupcakes!

If you're not going to a traditional seder, here are some great places to eat this Passover in New York...I mean, who wouldn't want to eat a brisket taco? I know I would!  Delish.  I for one will be having my mother-in-law's matzoh ball soup for days and loving it.

Is the Nikon d800 the best 35mm dslr ever?  (I really, really, really want one.)

I think I need all of these pretty balloons for Lucia's second birthday party this summer!

The mother of all Manhattan private outdoor spaces.

Instagram is finally available to Android users.  You can find my stream here.  Come say hello!

A place to share your camera collection!  Cool.

I'm kind of obsessed with Karen Walker sunnies and I'm really obsessed with the photos in her most recent quirky lookbook.

iPhone cases galore!

A simple (and very effective) sex tip.

Flying into New York in 1961.

Tips for single 1938!

I predict this will be my uniform this spring.

One of my favorite people to be featured on The Coveteur.  Although I loved her too.

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