Thursday, March 08, 2012

Life and a Canyon

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

I've had the chance to travel to some pretty remarkable places for both work and pleasure and my visit to the Grand Canyon is among my most favorite trips.  I visited for the first (and only) time almost 11 years ago.  My parents had gone with friends years before and always wanted to take us there so for my mom's 50th birthday we flew to Arizona and then drove to the park.  I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the place.  I felt tiny, like an insignificant speck in the face of something so enormous and breathtaking.  It was so quiet and spiritual.  No one was even talking at the hiking points and the observation decks.  It was like we were all hypnotized by what was before us.  It is such a spiritual place.  At night I felt like I was going to be swallowed up by the blackness.  You would look out and all that you'd see were stars and the moon's brightness so high in the sky.  There was nothing to reflect that light.  It's just tremendous.

I had only met my husband about a month before I took this trip with my family and even though it was so early in our relationship (I already knew he was the one) I felt like I needed to talk to him every day and tell him about this extraordinary place.  When we went on our honeymoon three years later we made a list of all the places that we would want to travel together and for me, the Grand Canyon was at the very top.  I want to take Lucia there when she's older because she needs to see and understand this magical place.

We've had this photograph on our fridge since I had the film developed.  I look at it every morning and it inspires me so much.  It brings back so many memories, it reminds me of my past (even the parts that aren't so wonderful) and it also reminds me of how much has happened and how much I've grown in the last ten-plus years since I went there.  My life doesn't seem so small anymore.

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