Friday, March 09, 2012


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Being silly is our favorite.

Lucia and I were singing in her toddler music and movement class earlier this week and out of nowhere she planted a kiss on me.  We love to smooch and cuddle in our house but this was the first time that she did it without any prompting or kisses from me first.  She's a major hugger but the kiss was just overwhelming.  That little kiss will forever be marked in my memory.  So I'm heading into the weekend ready to live moments that will be with me always.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are some links from around the web.

PS--What do you think of the new changes I've been rolling out?  I have The Blog Fairy to thank for that.

Cinemagraphs for Tiffany.

This weekend is the Armory Show in New York.

I've expressed my love of Pinterest before but here are my current favorite boards that I recently created for inspiration: It's up to you New York, Tech Geek, Red Lips, Cameras and Gallery Walls.

And here are fifteen more amazing gallery walls.

Speaking of gallery walls, did you catch this tutorial I did for creating one in your home?

Speaking of tutorials, here's the one I shared last week on taking photos of people in public.

Rachel Devine inspires me to no end both as a photographer and more importantly, as a mom.  This recent post also inspires me to pick up a Minox from Photojojo.  Awesome little camera!

This is an enormous undertaking and also very cool: 25 365-photo projects to watch.

Instagram photos available for sale via Getty. Holy wow.

Are you as busy as you think? I thought I was until I found this article over on A Cup of Jo.

Not your average cruise ship.

What's your sign?

Parties in a box! Via Black Eiffel.

Henri's Walk to Paris.

Dreamy double exposure photography.

6 tips to ensure a kickass gallery opening night.

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