Friday, February 17, 2012


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One of my favorite photos of my girl from this winter.  This was her first time running through the snow.  Check out this tutorial for taking photos of your babies and kids.

This week was wildly productive and completely unexpected and this weekend I'll be celebrating a milestone birthday with close friends and family.  I don't know where the time has gone but so far so fun!

Here are some cool links from around the web to get the weekend started.  Enjoy!

I partnered with to giveaway a $50.00 gift certificate for their site!

Lovely watercolor and pencil illustrations by Bernadette Pascua.

Lovely and inspiring photos of Valentine's Day from around the world.

Pinhole Press has some great new products for showing off your baby.

I've seen this amazing place in Vienna and it's a feast for the eyes. Architecture really is fine art.

This week was New York Fashion Week and this was one of my go-to sites for fantastic photos. 

I also love following Nina Garcia on Pinterest.  She's got everything organized by seasons and trends and it's fabulous.

Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano gives Venus a Photoshop makeover by slimming her belly and increasing her breasts to fit today's standards of beauty.

Nikon released a Capture NX2 update. Woot!

Are you on twitterThis article on how to tweet effectively is geared toward photographers but the principles can be applied to pretty much anyone trying to market themselves via Twitter.

I love every single post on this design blog and yesterday these photos made me want to completely redo my entire apartment.

Who Shot It Better? Simon Emmett vs. Mert & Marcus: Adele 

9 ways to blog more in less time.  Great tips.

I need a's a list of the most photogenic festivals in the world.

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dreamday said...

such a great photo of your sweet girl! i'm loving all the links... going to be spending a lot of time here today reading. thank you! xo

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

those photos are beautiul. I wish i'd been able to take J out more in the snow, but the one time I did he was less than impressed

trishie said...

How gorgeous is your little girl! Love the first pic, a bright burst of pink against all that white.

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