Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Constant Buzz

By Costas Masseras

One of things I love most about blogging is discovering new people and things.   I spend A LOT of time pointing, clicking, reading, skimming and studying photographs, and, once in a while I'm lucky enough to come upon a site where every single thing that I see gives me the goosebumps.  Such was the case when I found The Constant Buzz, a beautifully and meticulously curated Tumblr blog.  Needless to say, two hours later I wondered where my afternoon had gone and didn't the baby just fall asleep, how is she up already? 

I blame Pinterest but I also blame my passion for always wanting and needing to seek inspiration and finding other artists who move me and make me want to be better.

By Signe Vilstrup

By Paul Wolff

By Bill Brandt

By Clarence Sinclair Bull

By Dorothea Lange

TCB-Bernhard Springer03
By Bernhard Springer

By K. L. Haenchen

By Alfred Eisenstaedt

By Alfred Eisenstaedt

By Bernhard Springer

All images via The Constant Buzz.

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Kristin said...

I just love the bridge shot! And there's nothing wrong with getting caught up in what you're passionate about!

Chanel girl bag said...

I’m hoping, that this will serve as my ginger way of getting back to taking outfit photos for real (meaning: not in front of a bathroom mirror with my iPhone), so stay tuned for more What I Wore posts