Monday, January 24, 2011

A Brief Hiatus

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Argentina to visit my family and friends for two weeks. There is such intense emotion surrounding this trip - Argentina is a place that is so special for me, where I spent a large part of my childhood and lived so many experiences growing up.

Bringing my baby daughter there will be surreal. I cannot wait to see my grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins, friends. I so desperately wish that my grandfather was still alive to meet her. It doesn't seem possible that I have my own baby who will sleep in the room where I slept as a baby, little girl and teenager - the room where my father slept from the time he was a toddler until he left to marry my mother in New York. Lucia will splash around in the pool where my grandfather taught me how to swim and then to dive. The house looks a little different now but it is still the warm place full of so much love that I remember.

So because I will be on vacation, the blog will be too. I will most likely check in here and there but posting will not be regular. Also, I get back just in time for New York Fashion Week and there will be a lot of exciting posts to check out.

See you soon!

Here are some favorite photos that I have taken in Buenos Aires during previous trips - some of which you've seen.

passing each other

el tibio recuerdo

History in Some Bottles

hay milonga de amor

donde nadie sabe de mi

the past with the present


how can I hurt when I'm holding you?

Dame Tu Calor

te siento más buena, más buena que yo

In Love in Argentina

floating on the silence that surrounds us

...te desprendes de mí, yo me quedo en vos...

To Get to the Other SIde

And, some photos that I took in other parts of Argentina.

what my eyes have seen...


Patagonia Fall

one little life

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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Coveted Portraits

As usual, Jennine and I had a lovely time yesterday morning talking over tea and muffins and work and life. Our meetings are getting longer and longer because we have to warm up indoors in order to take photos outdoors. I honestly cannot wait until the weather gets warmer here in New York! Today's forecast: more snow! This is why I'm even more excited about my trip next week--I'm taking the baby to Argentina to visit my family and friends!

More on that later...for now, here are some photos from my shoot with Jennine of The Coveted.

And, in case you missed it, here is a post I did on
Independent Fashion Bloggers on How to Take Better Photos of Yourself.

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ode to Rain...and my iPhone

The weather in New York has been craptastic for weeks. It has been snowing almost every week since Christmas! And, on those days when we wake up to a glorious blue sky we get excited because the sun is shining but it's so cold out that you might get frostbite without the right hat, scarf and mittens. This week we endured rain for two straight days.

I was stuck in traffic on 3rd Avenue and I was so happy about it because I was warm, dry and the cab didn't stink so opening the window wasn't necessary (miracle). I busted out my trusty iPhone and suddenly the rain wasn't so bad.

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

Copyright 2011 Monica L. Shulman

Check out my other iPhone photos here.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is Nirrimi

Yesterday I came across this tremendously talented teenage photographer when I was browsing the pages of one of my favorite blogs, The Glamourai. Kelly is an amazing curator and she has such a keen eye for finding and sharing beautiful fashion and art and jewels and photography. I fell into the abyss, like I often do, pointing and clicking, studying, admiring. After taking the time to look at Nirrimi's work for myself I have yet another new favorite photographer.

After seeing her work and spending some time reading her blog, I find her young and a bit naive but also wise and incredibly thoughtful. She is 18 and she is profound and provocative - I love the freshness of her photographs and her writing. I also love that her photographs tell stories that perhaps only an older person could tell - she seems to me to be a a young, old soul.

Her blog is aptly named We Live Young. She's fantastic.


Go see for yourself on Nirrimi's website, Nirrimi's blog and
Nirrimi's flickr.


after dark


All images Copyright Nirrimi and via Nirrimi's website,
Nirrimi's blog and Nirrimi's flickr.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Anna Dello Russo + Nowness = Fabulousness

I hope that you enjoyed a long weekend. I certainly did!

I'm just a little in love with Anna Dello Russo, the outrageous, fashion-obsessed, fabulous Vogue editor. She is so fiercely creative and chic. Check out this sexy and crazy cool
video that she did with Nowness, another favorite of mine.

Anna Dello Russo: Black Tie Affair on

From video that she did with Nowness:

"Anna Dello Russo indulged a cross-dressing fantasy to star in and style the cheeky ADRESSCODE, debuting on NOWNESS today. A joint project between the Vogue Japan Editor-at-Large and her longtime colleague and friend, art director Marco Braga, the fashion film was conceptualized for the multimedia exhibition Men in Italy, which runs alongside the fall 2011 menswear shows and features the work of 20 creative couples. “I like to mix references,” says Braga of the androgyny-themed short, whose title is a play on Dello Russo’s initials. “It’s everything from Stanley Kubrick to Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’ video.” The film pays tribute to Italian sophistication in classic black and white, mining labels such as Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. A slick tuxedo by up-and-coming Turkish designer Umit Benan takes pride of place, anointed with an architectural accessory synonymous with Milan. “Marco called and said he’d found a gold Duomo cathedral from the souvenir shop,” says Dello Russo. “‘Fabulous,’ I said. ‘We can put it in my hair!’”"



There's The Sartorialist (LOVE!) working his magic.






Video via Nowness

All photos via Anna Dello Russo

Plus, if you don't know who Anna Dello Russo is check out this great and very telling interview at the Guardian.

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