Thursday, December 15, 2011

Polaroid Picture...and Printer.


Giving gifts to yourself is just as important as giving gifts to others.  It's absolutely necessary to remind yourself that you deserve IT...whatever it is. 

This is how I came to purchase my second favorite new toy (after Siri, of course).  I'm loving my Polaroid Grey Label Printer!  How could I not seeing as it is from Polaroid and it was designed by Lady Gaga?  You can print from your mobile device, DSLR and your computer.  I'm just glad that my images, especially my iPhone pics, will have a permanent place in this world on paper and not just the digital vortex that my archive has become (although, honestly, I have been pretty good with printing lately thanks to my favorite printer here in NY...more on that later).  I've been putting the prints in a book for Lucia since they're basically all those little moments of our life that slip away unless you snap them with the one thing that is always with you...your phone!

Anyway, to be fair, I did become a little very frustrated when for some reason the bluetooth on my iPhone didn't pick up the printer's wireless signal (can someone please shed some light on this?) but all in all, the printer is super easy to use.  You basically turn it on, put in the paper, choose a photo and print.  Ta-da!  Some reviews have said that it takes a little longer to print from your DSLR but I didn't have any issues with that.

This puppy is on sale over at B&H until December 31st so why not pick one up for yourself or for your fellow photography fanatic?


Happy shopping!

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