Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays to you!

COpyright Monica L. Shulman
I loved this window at Bergdorfs so much that I decided to make it my holiday card.  Too good and perfect.

This has been such an exciting year for me both personally and professionally. Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement, visits, comments and emails. I appreciate it more than you know!

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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BobbinTalk said...

Wishing you an even more amazing year next year! :)

Janna said...

Happy holidays and congrats on your success!

Le Chic World said...

Hahaha! this is awesome!! I was wedding dress shopping this year and you can't imagine the amount of dresses that reminded me of a giant bird, its nice to see they took this literally and translated it into their windows :)nonetheless beautiful dresses of tulle and layers of chiffon!
Happy holidays dear! xo