Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paintings not photographs


A painting by Gregory Thielker that quite reminds me of these.

How cool are these?  I came across these awesome paintings on one of my favorite sites, My Modern Met.  These  hyper-realistic scenes are made from photos and created by artists using oil paints on linen or canvas.  I love photography because I love capturing moments that actually happened -- I love to hold on to memories. 

Art is subjective and I love that everyone can interpret it or react to it differently.  I quite like liking things that people find strange, weird or ugly and I like wondering why someone would fall in love with something that I find awful or bizarre.  I love how unlike many styles of photography paintings can be created from photos, memory, invention, dreams, whatever.  I love these particular paintings because they started off as moments that happened in time and then turned into something completely different -- a new memory.  What do you think?

Alyssa Monks

Gregory Thielker

Paul Roberts


Eric Zener

Doug Bloodworth

All images via My Modern Met.

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