Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I LOVE my Holiday Cards from Pinhole Press (plus a DISCOUNT for you!)

Monica L. Shulman - Pinhole Press Holiday Cards

Isn't it wonderful when you find a solution to a major problem?  For me the mystery of finding the perfect holiday cards (and other amazing photo stuff) has been solved just in time for the holidays!  The solution: Pinhole Press

Ask any photographer who their favorite printer is and I'm sure they can name a few.  I definitely have my go-to place (more on that later) for professional prints for my clients and my portfolio and exhibits and stuff but until now I had not been able to find the right fit for my work for cards, calendars, notebooks and photobooks. Enter Pinhole Press. I first learned about Pinhole Press when my friend Joanna shared her creations and I have been hooked ever since. Like seriously obsessed. So you can imagine how excited I was when I actually started to make things with my own images (hello, note cards and customized photo wine labels and book labels and diaries and....).

The first thing I made are my personal holiday cards. Are they not adorable? I can't wait to send them out to my family and friends!  And if you think they look great on your screen (come on, you know you do!) you should see and feel them in person. I've been making holiday cards and cards in general for a long, long time and I have never seen any on this high-quality paper stock at this price point.  The designs are clean and modern and they really let the photos speak for themselves.  I also made these sweet address labels that you can customize to wrap around the envelope.  Best of all the site is streamlined and simple to use.  All in all, a fantastic experience.

So, starting TODAY, my friends at Pinhole Press are offering my readers a 10% discount!  Just enter the code "CiaoChessa" at checkout. 
Copyright Monica L. Shulman - Pinhole Press

Copyright Monica L. Shulman - Pinhole Press

Do you make holiday cards?  I've always sent them out but last year, after I had the baby, was the first time I ever made them personal by using a family photo.

Happy shopping!

Oh and PS--next week I'll be sharing some more Pinhole Press goodies as part of my gift guide AND offering another giveaway.  Stay tuned!

Disclaimer:  While I received my cards as a gift from Pinhole Press and I am a member of their affiliate program, I only share things that I am passionate about and all opinions are my own.

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