Friday, October 28, 2011


 Copyright 2003 Monica L. Shulman  A flea market in Barcelona.  January 2003.  I'm kicking myself for  not picking up one of these puppies back then.  Shot with Kodak Tri-X Pan Black & White Print Film ISO 400

Not that I don't normally do this but I am definitely welcoming this weekend with open arms.  Talk about a productive week.  There are a few exciting things on the horizon.  For starters, this week I got confirmation that my business cards will be in the celebrity swag bags for both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards next year.  I'm still pinching myself!  And, as if that weren't fabulous and crazy enough, I also confirmed the location and date for a show here in New York City in December with a reception in are all invited!

I also got a new(ish) scanner this week and so I'm inspired to start scanning some of my old film work.  I've spent the last few days going through my archives and I'm really excited to share some of the photos here.  And...AND...I'm going to dust off my old Nikon and start shooting film again.  I know we still have a way to go before it's time to start making new year's resolutions so instead I've been looking back and thinking about all of the things I've learned in of the simplest lessons I've come to terms with is that sometimes you just have to get back to basics.  So, that's exactly what I think I will do.

All in all an amazing week that will require some major celebrating.  We're heading out of the city for a few days of peace and quiet in East Hampton.  And you?

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