Friday, October 14, 2011


Copyright Monica L. Shulman
Took this photo earlier this week when I was out for a walk with my camera.  I've decided that I'm going to go back to my solo camera walks once a week (since these days this is all the time I can squeeze in to do it).  I didn't realize how much I miss it and really need it.

We're heading out east tonight and I simply cannot wait.  We're taking our girl to look for pumpkins and obviously we're more excited about this than she is but I think she'll have the best time ever running through the open field.  I've been pointing out pumpkins to her every time we pass them in the city so if anything I'm sure she'll be confused at first to learn that the corner store isn't where they actually grow!

What about you?  Any fun plans?

Here are some great links to get your weekend started right...

Did you hear? I launched my new website!

Old is new in fashion and photography.

I need to go to there.

Since I live less than a mile from Wall Street I think I need to go check this out for myself next week.  In the meantime, these photos are mind-blowing.

Speaking of mind-blowing, if you're not moved and deeply inspired by these slice of life photos, you might be dead inside.

Juergen Teller has done it again and again and now he has the book to prove it.

Dazed and Confused November issue is ridiculously amazing.

Copyright myths.

Pulitzer nominated photograph that will break your heart and make you cry (trust me).

I'm going to go see this exhibit next month since a new project I'm working on (with a series of photographs that includes the one I shared above) is inspired by a similar concept.  We learn from each other, no?