Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sacha Goldberger and his Grandma


French photographer Sacha Goldberger took to photographing his 91 year old Hungarian grandmother Frederika as superhero, Mamika, when he realized that she was lonely and might be suffering from depression.  What resulted is a series of whimsical, inspired and wonderfully unexpected photos that to me are hilarious, charming and nostalgic.  Is someone making up a comic book with this fabulous and thoroughly modern lady as the super protaganist?!  Please someone say yes!


And since her first incarnation as the superhero of our dreams she has since returned with more superhero friends.  It's Mister Papika!  This is too much goodness.


Visit both Honestly...WTF where I found these gems and Sacha's website for many more images, including some really moving work outside of this series.




Sacha Goldberg