Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bedtime Rituals

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Copyright Monica L. Shulman
Quite the actress.

Bedtime is just as important in the am as it is in the pm.  Good thing our girl loves to lounge and snuggle because we're all about that around here.  Now that she's officially walking we're more tired than usual from chasing her around so our quiet time (or not-so-quiet time) in the morning for coffee (or milk) plus Sesame Street, all in bed and all before 8am, is even more perfect and necessary.

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

The camera is always there too.  These are the moments to capture forever.

Need some tips on taking photos of your little ones?  Check this out.


Vanessa said...

These pictures are gorgeous. Milk and Sesame Street in bed sounds just perfect.

dreamday said...

she's beautiful monica! i still remember the bedtime routine we had when my kids were little. xo

elisabetta (elli erre photography) said...

So sweet!!beautiful pictures!! :)