Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I fall more and more in love with our new neighborhood every day.  Of course I have moments where I miss our old one but I love being downtown and exploring all the little details of where we live.

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

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jill said...

these photos are incredible! I especially like the first one. I can understand how you would find it easy to love your new neighborhood.

x. jill

this is Belgium said...

i like the last picture best.. beautiful..
wonder if you felt the earthquake and how it feels so close to the water?

Chessa! said...

Jill, thanks! it's quite beautiful down here. I love it more and more every day!

this is Belgium, yes I definitely felt it! At first I thought it was my upstairs neighbor bc they've been doing some work in their apt. Then I thought it might be me bc my legs were trembling! I looked up and the cabinet was shaking. So I looked out the window and everything seemed normal. But when I glanced over, I saw my lamp was shaking and tapping the wall. I thought right away that it might be an earthquake but that that would be impossible! I had CNN on watching the reports from Libya and 3 minutes after the shaking stopped (it lasted not even a minute but felt a lot longer) they were reporting that there was an earthquake in Virginia and that it was felt up here in NY! I couldn't believe it. We had to evacuate our building but then all was fine. Lots of people in the street. but other than that it was fine...just scary. x

the lil bee said...

Um, that second picture... there are no words. No words.