Friday, August 12, 2011


Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Yesterday we celebrated the first birthday of my littlest niece, Zahra Valentina.  So much love and sweetness in one tiny person.  I took these photos of her last week during an impromptu middle-of-the-week baby party in my house.  Now that we live just two blocks from my sister and her girls these little rendez vous are the status quo.  Hooray for babies and sisters and cousins!

I plan on doing more of the same this weekend...spending time with my little family and taking a lot of photos.

Copyright Monica L. Shulman

Here are some links for your weekend reading list.  Enjoy!

I found this blog this week and I'm obsessed.  50mm and Japan = amazing.

I'm so excited for the exhibits coming to the galleries in New York this fall.  This one in particular.

And by the way, Don't Quit Your Day Job (oops, I already did!) runs through August 19th and I've heard so much about it that I'm going to check it out next week!

My friend shared these Crayon Carvings on her Facebook page.  Wow.

This group exhibit at F-Stop is amazing.

I came across these videos on Twitter and I cannot stop watching them.  Obsessed.  MoveEatLearn.

This needs to be my office.

Man Repeller and Dannijo make jewels!  My iPhone needs a new dress and I think this one is perfect.

Did you catch my list of favorite iPhone apps?

And speaking of iPhones, have you ever wondered at what time of day you take most photos?  Or where?

This week I was reminded that it's not what you do, it's WHY you do it.  Amazing.

Photography lessons from the stock market.

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